Saturday, July 30, 2011

Lazy Days with the Hubby

A great Saturday of sleeping in, then Husband made breakfast burritos, and the entire rest of the day we've spent laying on the couch watching Chuck. We're both still in our pajamas, I still have no bra on (I love not wearing a bra!), I have no make up on, and my hair is kinda crazy from sleeping on it wet.
What a PERFECT day :)


  1. Should I be reading your blog when you are talking about your bra? At least give me a warning!

  2. Haha sorry TJ, just know that in the future, my blog is an open blog! I may post about things you don't want to read!

  3. Haha!! Fair enough Ashley! I'll keep that in mind. But on another note, congrats and I'm glad you guys are enjoying those lazy days.